It costs less to rent a centerpiece than to buy one.  Use our rental service and there's no running around to craft stores searching for just the right look.  Our complete centerpieces include Feathers, Manzanita Branches, Florals and other arrangements for your wedding, baby shower or special event.  Customization is also available!  Contact us for a quote and consultation
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Centerpiece Rental

#1 Feather Centerpiece $40                                                                      #2 Complete Feather Centerpiece $65 (not shown)
-24 inch Eiffel Tower Vase 
                                                                        -31 inch Pilsner Vase
-20pcs 19-24" Ostrich Plumes                                                                  -20pcs 19-24" Ostrich Plumes
-Bouquet Holder                                                                                         -Bouquet Holder
 Optional                                                                                                      -Crystal Strands
 LED Vase Light $5 ea.                                                                                -LED Vase Lights
                                                                                                                       -Scatter Diamonds for table

#3 Complete Feather Centerpiece $75                                                     #4 Crystal Chandelier Feather Centerpiece $90
-30 inch Clear Tower Vase with gems 
                                                        -32 inch Clear Tower Vase with gems
-30pcs 25-29" Ostrich Plumes                                                                      -40pcs 25-29" Ostrich Plumes 
-Small Crystal Chandelier                                                                              -Medium Crystal Chandelier 
-LED Light                                                                                                         -LED Light    
*mirror not included

#4 Crystal Chandelier Feather Centerpiece $90                                             6Foot Tall Crystal Chandelier Stand $150
-32 inch Clear Tower Vase with gems 
                                              Great as wedding columns, aisle decoration or grand entrance markers  
-40pcs 25-29" Ostrich Plumes                                                                             -6 Foot Crystal Chandelier Stand
-Medium Crystal Chandelier                                                                                -Feathers or Large Roseball (included) 
-LED Light                                                                                                                *LED Light +$15


Large Trio Candle Holder Centerpiece $55
                                               Medium Trio Candle Holder Centerpiece $30

-24", 20",18" Candle Holder Vases                                               -12", 16", 20" Candle Holder Vases
-3pcs Orchids (you choose color)                                                                           -Water Gems (you choose color)
-Floating Candles                                                                                                      -3pcs Floating Candles
-Vase Filler (you choose color) silver pictured                                                      Optional

Optional +add 18" Mirror Base $15                                                                       Rose Petals (you choose color) $5

Trio Vase Centerpiece $20                              Square Trio Vase Centerpiece $35                    20" Manzanita Branch Vase Centerpiece $15
-8", 10",12" Vases
                            -6",10",14" Rhinestone Tip Vases                     -16"-18" Manzanita Branch  
-3pcs Orchids (you choose color)                   - Clear Vase Filler                                                          -20" Cylinder Vase    
-Floating Candles                                              - Mirror                                                                           -3 Orchid Heads (you choose color)
-Water Gems (you choose color)                  - does not include candle nor bling base                               -Stones (you choose color)
-Mirror Base                                                                                                                                      *Great as a centerpiece or aisle decoration 
-Acrylic Diamonds to scatter
-3 Submersible Lights 
-16", 20",24" Trio Vase Centerpiece $50 

                                                             31"Bling Crystal Globe Holder Centerpiece $40ea.
                                                15"- 35" Bling Crystal Centerpiece Vases $25 - $75 (visit our showroom or contact us)

                                                                Bling Centerpiece Holder (available in silver or crystal)
-Bling Crystal Holder $30ea.
                                                                                               -LED Light +$5

20" Crystal Lampshade Candle Holder Centerpiece $19                                              Tabletop Crystal Chandelier Centerpieces 

                                                           3-Tiered Round Crystal Chandelier Centerpiece $30

-Roseballs $7 -$50 (you choose color $depends on size and stock)

                                                                             30" Tabletop Candelabra Centerpiece (5 arms) $50

4 Foot Hanging Crystal Chandelier $45                                                                                           6 Foot Hanging Crystal Chandelier $95

40" Black & Silver Reverse Trumpet Vase Centerpieces
-Vase $50
-Feathers $40
-24" Roseball $50
Great as a centerpiece or aisle marker

 Manzanita Branch Centerpiece $65                                                                          Please contact us for more Manzanita options
 36"-48" Manzanita Branch
-8pcs Crystal Strands
-(3) 4" Rose Balls (you choose color)
-LED Base Light

Please contact us for more vase centerpiece options                      Please contact us for Wishing Tree Options

Please contact us for pricing                                                                      Please contact us for pricing

Please contact us via: or (718) 841-7279

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